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Welcome to my page, and thanks for visiting!    I’m an inventor, not a web editor or designer, and so I hope you’ll be able to look beyond any ineptness in my page, and glean some useful content.

I’m quite a ways from “neurotypical” in a few dimensions (ADD, Autism Spectrum) but generally it’s not discernible to most people.    It often presents as me seeing things from unusual perspectives, which sometimes leads to insights, and solutions.   Sometimes it has also found me presenting as a distractible, irritable, overly logical knowitall.   I spent the largest part of my working life as a metal working designer/artist/craftperson, which gave me the opportunity and background to learn a lot about machine design, as I built equipment for myself and others.    During this time, I ended up working as an inventor for a couple of wealthy clients in manufacturing who found I was able to come up with simpler solutions than their engineering team.   I was offered jobs, and did some contracting, however as I ended up saying and thinking, ” why would I work to increase the productivity of companies, and systems, that are the root of the problems I see in the world”.   It didn’t really help.

The fields I’m working in today are generally

Turbine Design

  • older patented design here
  • new faceted design here
  • general overview to come, link will be here

In general, the turbine work I’ve done was inspired by UBC researchers Modi, and other university researchers, Benesh, and Fernando.    Eventually I’ll try to find the papers and link to them here.   The inspiration was drawn from their research proposing that the classic Savonius turbine rotor from 1930, was more than a “drag” based system.

Tensegrity – robotics and resilient structures

  • Robotics
  • Structures

3D printing – rapid fabrication, and idea’s for making more useful parts, more quickly, from more environmentally friendly materials.

  • poured structure in FDM moulds here 



The new shape of sustainability